Landlord Agreement Form

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This letter is advice of the termination of the Management Agreement for the above Property/Properties and provides the required notice as per the Management Agreement.

I appoint Property Specialists as the Agency to manage the above properties.

Please hand over the following items to the Agency Representative, as indicated below:

Items to be handed over to Property Specialists

  • Copy of all keys, access items and alarm code
  • Copy of general tenancy agreement and history of tenant
  • Copy of application form and credit checks for each approved tenant
  • Copy of MBIE bond receipt confirmation
  • Copy of the MBIE change of landlord form (bond number must be on it)
  • Copy of entry condition reports with inventories, if aplicable
  • Copy of body corporate by-laws, warranty documents and applicances instructions
  • Copy of financial year statement to date
  • Details of outstanding repairs / maintenance issues
  • Copy of last routine inspection report
  • Copy of any insurance policies held in the lessors name
  • Copy of water metre reading at commencement of tenancy and last reading
  • Copy of any MBIE notices or pending tribunal documents relating to current tenancy

By Submitting this form I authorise the above actions to take place on my behalf.